Finally settling down?

Well, I’ve moved my blog again and for what I hope will be the last time.

Long story short, after numerous and repeated problems with Webhost4Life–possibly the most incompetent and unreliable hosting provider I’ve ever used–I’ve decided to go back to my old Linux hosting company and switch to Wordpress.  

Another reason for the move was to switch to Wordpress.  As cool as I thought it would be to be able to hack on the code for my blog I really never ended up doing much (though I did submit a couple bug fixes and improvements to the spam filtering).  BlogEngine.NET is still, in my opinion, the best .NET blogging platform right now, but still, it’s no Wordpress.

So with that said, please bear with me while a set up a new theme and attempt to manually migrate some of the images.  I _sincerely _hope this is the very last time I ever have to do this, but just in case I think I will start hosting images and files somewhere other the blog itself so that the links will continue to work if I ever have to move again.

Now that I’m back and running at full speed again, what’s next? Well I’ve been playing with a bunch of new things: Node.js, Rails, _lots _of CQRS stuff like event sourcing, etc. so I have a bit of a backlog (some of it is already written) which I will be publishing over the next few weeks a bit at a time.  I fully intend to get my posting back up to at least one a week again.

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