Hola mi amigos!


Well my wife and I had an incredible time in Cuba. Our salsa instructor Julio Monterro, along with his brother Alexis and his family and friends in Cuba, put together a trip to try to show us the very best of Cuba and certainly did not disappoint. It will be hard for me to even attempt to do justice to everything we saw and did in a blog post, but I will try to make the attempt anyways in the next month or so. For anyone who is interested in Salsa lessons or future trips to Cuba that Julio is planning feel free to check out the link above as he has put together a web site with some info and you can contact him there. I’d also be happy to answer any questions people might have about how our trip went.

I would definitely recommend to anyone planning on a trip to Cuba, that you brush up on some Spanish before going. While Cubans make every effort possible to communicate with visitors to their country very few people speak more than a smattering of English. So if you can bring at least a smattering of Spanish with you, you will find that you will be able to at least carry on with some level of conversation. I really wish I had spent the time to do some language tapes or something before going.

Cuba truly is an incredible place. Though, I suppose if you are really into things like: cabs with seatbelts, the catalytic convertor, smoking bans and cold weather Cuba may not be the country for you. If however, you are far more interested in meeting some of the friendliest and kindest people the world has, experiencing real live Afro-Caribbean music and culture, copious consumption of rum-based drinks, eating traditional Cuban food and partying and dancing with the locals every night, then I would highly recommend a trip to Cuba.

Muchos Gracias Julio y Alexis!

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