iPhone 3GS jailbreak is coming soon

http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ The “Dev Team”, the shady group of techies who have made a hobby out of cracking whatever Apple comes out with to protect the iPhone, have announced they have discovered the hardware exploit needed to create a working jailbreak app for the 3GS phones.  

I should say re-discovered as apparently it is the same exploit that works for the iPod Touch 2G. Anyways there still isn’t anything available to jailbreak the phone yet, but it should be very soon. I took a quick look at their “notes” reminds me a little bit of the assembler code from the Motorola chips we used to play with in EE labs.  I couldn’t tell you what the hell it means though, but iirc CMP - compare, ADD - addition, SUB - subtract, but those are kinda obvious.

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