Don't call the DOM in a loop

One of my mine pet peeves with backbone.js is how readily it leads to collection views that are rendered by calling the DOM via $.append() in a loop.

I’ve discovered that making updates to the DOM in a loop is, in general, a bad practice that should be avoided whenever possible. To be completely fair with small enough collection sizes this isn’t really a big problem. So as long as you are doing proper paging of your collection you shouldn’t run into this a problem. That said you are not always going to work with small collections and the fact is if it is a bad performance problem for large collections then it is bad for small one just as well.

We ran into this a few times to the point where we’ve decided to make it a general rule that we do not call the DOM in a loop. Instead we either use each in our jQuery templates (which seems to perform just fine) or collect the child view html up in a variable and .append() it all at once. So just my advice here, do not call the DOM in a loop.

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