The next big step

For the past two and a half years, most of my work as a software developer has been done independently, with a few exceptions where I have occasionally partnered with developers like Paul Newton, Chris Nicol (no relation), Adam Dymitruk and most recently Tyler Hamilton. While working independently has allowed me a lot of control over the software I design, the tools I use, and how I learn, I have felt that I was missing out on the potential for growth and learning that working with an experienced development team would provide.

As an independent developer, I’ve had the opportunity to try my hand at all aspects of development, everything from gathering user requirements to UI design and architecture. It has challenged me to learn and adapt quickly, to evaluate different approaches and techniques to solve problems and to develop a broad array of skills. I have also tried hard to minimize the disadvantages of working in isolation by involving myself in the community. DevTeach, Agile Vancouver, ALT.NET and open source communities have all helped keep me continually exposed to new techniques and new ideas.

Nonetheless, I have reached a point in my professional development where it was time to seek experience working as part of a larger team and on much larger projects. With that goal in mind, I’ve taken an exciting position as a software engineer with Vision Critical, a very well known industry leader in market research located here in Vancouver.

My experience as a developer thus far, has also almost exclusively been developing applications for Nicola Wealth Management company that my father started and continues to run. They are, in fact, a IT leader in their industry with some of the most advanced client reporting technology among any of their peers. I really want to thank everyone there for the opportunities they have provided me and for allowing me to learn and hone my craft developing unique and interesting applications for them.

Thanks very much to NWM, it is now time for me to take my career to the next level. I am eager to continue to learn and develop my skills and knowledge with the great team I will be joining at Vision Critical and look forward to creating new and exciting software solutions with them.

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