Graphite: It's Alive!

Today I managed to put about 5 hours in on Graphite and managed to finish off the BlogML importer. While there are still a number of bugs the whole thing is pretty much working so I decided to deploy it for the first time. I had yet to deploy it into a shared hosting environment so I wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any problems.

Low and behold…

It is still early days, but feel free to log in and look around. You can use the User: admin Password: tester if you want to try it out while I am testing it.

There is still a lot to do before I will consider moving my blog over to Graphite. I have yet to add slug based links to the titles of each post and login/logout isn’t quite working properly and a number of the views and links are not working right. For the most part it is working pretty well though. I did notice that the BlogML imported all of the undeleted spam because I didn’t bother to check the “approved” flag before importing.

So while there is a lot to do, it has come a long way in two months as a spare-time project. Taking another look at my laundry list from last time:

The Atom feed seems broken though. So now I need to work on the staple blog features like, trackbacks, pings, and comment spam protection. I am going to add a couple more features to the queue now:

Since I’ve used nHibernate, right out of the box Graphite should already support just about any database nHibernate supports, though I’ll admit I have only tested with SQLExpress so far. I also don’t know if it will run under Mono, but my guess is the code should be compatible with Mono 2.6.

If you have any feature suggestions please leave them in the comments.

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