iPhone 3GS jailbreak available

http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ I know I said I would post as soon as this was available, but I have a) been really busy and b) the jailbreak seems a bit involved and I wanted to try it before I blogged about it.

As it stands, I still have not tried it out. I do know it involves first getting some hardware data from your iPhone by performing a little backup/restore hack and grabbing some temporary files it creates. This data is critical to being able to jailbreak your iPhone in the future. Apple will likely close this loophole by changing this data in an update, having the original data will allow you to avoid getting screwed.

The Dev-Team guys say that if you ever want to be able to jailbreak the 3GS you need this data before you update to 3.1. However, it is likely they will figure out a new hack no matter what Apple does, it is just that some iPhone owners in the U.S. rely on jailbreaks to use their phone at all because they use it with carriers other than AT&T. If they get screwed they get no phone service.

Anyways I am going to try to get a look at it this weekend but for those brave enough the instructions are linked in the dev-team blog so you can try it yourself. However if all you want is Skype or other apps only available in the U.S. there are easier ways (n.b., you may have to wait as long as 24-hours for the confirmation e-mail, just be patient).

Update: As I have noted in my more recent blog on jailbreaking I am incorrect here.  This is for the carrier unlock, _not the jailbreak. _Sorry if anyone was misled :-(

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