Going to DevTeach and ALT.NET Vancouver 2009


So I just found out about DevTeach this week thanks to Ayende, which is both good and bad. Good, because I found out in time to register for what looks like an amazing event that will cover a lot of topics I am just starting to grasp like Inversion of Control and ORM. Bad, because I found out way too late for the early-bird discounts :-(. I did manage to find a $100 discount code though by googling for them so it wasn’t all bad.

I plan to spend a lot of time in the Agile track sessions but there are some other sessions I will likely try to attend. I am torn between learning how to develop for the iPhone in .NET and attending Oren Eini’s session on advanced IoC. I will be attending the pre-conference workshop on Agile, IoC and ORM which Oren is co-presenting so perhaps I can use that as an excuse to satisfy my selfish desire to learn how to code for the iPhone (I don’t even own one…).

Right after DevTeach there is a free conference for Alt.NET (http://altnetconfcanada.com/home/index.castle) I think there is still a lot of space to register and it is is free!

I expect it to be a busy week.

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